Qaliyun Malqir

Warrior Mystic of The Steppe.
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The Kharaqiq piece was clicked decisively onto the board as slender grey fingers claimed her opponent’s most valuable piece. “I win, now pay up, Dearest Elder.” She teased.
“Wait? How did you do that?” Her opponent blinked in befuddled surprise, as he adjusted his glasses.

About Qaliyun Malqir

“It is simple.” She puts the pieces back to how they were a few moves prior. “When you moved here, your position weakened, and then when you failed to block this one, your fate was sealed.”


The red headed Viera shook his head. “Simple for you perhaps, had it been simple for me I would have seen that strike coming, though don’t expect to get away with it a second time.”

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The Au Ra laughed at that, “Perhaps so, I have studied Kharaqiq since I was old enough to know not to try and eat the pieces.”

About Qaliyun of Malqir

NAME: Qaliyun MalqirRace: Au Ra - XaelaAGE: 28GENDER: Cis FemaleHEIGHT: 5 Fulm, 2 IlmORIENTATION: Bicurious (Poly)RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married (Polyamorous)OCCUPATION: Warrior, Archer/Hunter, MysticCOMBAT PROFICIENCY: Battle-Axe, Archery, and Elemental Magic

Qaliyun of the Malqir is a creature of many talents and a calculating eye. Before the Xaela were called to fight against the Imperial Iron Men, the vastness of the Steppe was all she had ever known. Since her capture and subsequent escape from the Garleans her view has broadened to see the patterns of Steppe life as just a part of the larger international whole.A feisty and determined spirit, she plays Kharaqiq as if each match is to become Khatun, fights with the fury of an Anala, and can summon the quiet calm to hear the voices of the spirits on the wind.
Her cleverness made her fearless but her captivity taught her to be calculating. Qaliyun is less a tough nut to crack for the soft interior as she is a mirage in the distance, sharing and concealing as she chooses.
Now home on the Steppe once more, Qaliyun has begun a new chapter in her life, setting up contacts and connections to begin to weave ties between her homeland and the rest of the world.


Azim Steppe/Xaela - No matter where her travels may take her, the Azim Steppe will always be home and the Xaela her people. She can be just as easily found trolling the stalls of Reunion for rare herbs and snippets of news from the world, as joining in a raid against a rival, or dancing and singing by a campfire.Malqir/Bayaqud - Qaliyun has strong loyalties to Malqir the tribe of her father, but was raised with an awareness of the traditions of Bayaqud, her late mother’s tribe. Since returning home after her imprisonment she is looking to renew her bonds with friends and kin among both tribes.Adventure - Qali’s time in Eorzea after escaping the Garleans has given her a taste for the horizons beyond the Steppe. While most of her time is spent at home, she is known to venture off to other lands in search of adventure, stories, and rare herbs.Hospitable Traveler - For those who cross paths with Qali on the road they will find an amiable companion. She is more than willing to offer aid a spot by her fire to a fellow wanderer.

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